The K&K AGRO-TRADE d. o. o. is a family company, established in 1922. Our beginnings are retail trade and transport, followed by the area of supply of raw material for the food industry and smaller food plants.

For the past eight years the company has been specialising mostly in the area of baking and confectionery, making us one of the largest suppliers in Slovenia. We are also steadily affirming our market share abroad since we are a part of the European market. We collaborate abroad with verified partners, who accept our both fundamental working principles of sustainable development and permanent collaboration.



Integrity, partnership, knowledge and development, quality, reliability and team spirit are the values, which form the foundation of our company.


We are recognised by an honest relationship with everyone we are in contact with. We build ties with integrity.


Our relationship with the buyers and suppliers is respectful, which yields long-term partnerships.


Our direction is growth and development. Our competitive edge is reached with constant upgrading of knowledge in every area of our activity.


We guarantee high standards of quality. The service quality, reliability and responsibility lead us to business excellence.


We face the challenges of the present and the future with good mutual collaboration.




Our vision is growth and development. We aim to strengthen the company’s position as one of the leading providers of products for baking and confectionery on the local market and spreading to foreign markets.

The development of the company will be enriched by our own manufacturing and logistics centre. Our quality and delicious products will be brought to your homes.



We are an important retailer with raw material in the field of baking and confectionary. We guarantee high standards of quality and collaborate with the best European manufacturers.

Our buyers and partners are provided with the services of highest quality to create authentic and long-term partnerships.

The company is directed in the development of new markets and market-interesting products.

Knowledge and motivated employees are our key competitive advantages.